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Every week, we share bits and pieces of our lives—the real versions that we don’t necessarily share on the web.

Here’s today’s prompt:


This Weeks Question: What are/were your favorite subjects in school?

That’s an easy one, actually.  As long ago as my preschool days, I loved books and reading.  Curling up with a book was my favorite thing.  As soon as I could “create words,” I loved writing; I spun my little stories, illustrated by pictures from magazines.
So…in school, reading and writing became my passion as well, formalized as “English literature” and “creative writing.”
Even when school was on a break, you could find me writing or curled up with a book.
Nowadays, you’ll find me at my creation station, blogging and writing.  Here are some of my CREATIONS.
Sometimes, the things we love in school turn out to be what we do later in life.
But along the way, I did some other things. In college, I realized that I loved psychology and understanding human behavior.  After I got a degree, I started a career in social work.
I learned a lot about people in this career, and managed to combine some of those experiences with my current writing life.
What were your experiences?  How did the things you love become your life?

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