In small town life, the residents come to know each other in wonderful and not so wonderful ways. The gossip trail loops around and filters through the nooks and crannies of such a town and spotlights all the flaws and foibles of everyone who lives there.

But Lee Ann London has adjusted to life in Sugar Springs, the fictional Tennessee town depicted in this novel. Even though her dreams were for a larger world, that dream toppled when her teenage love, Cody Dalton, betrayed her with her sister. The sister who got pregnant and gave birth to Cody’s twins, right after he split from town.

Lee Ann ends up raising the girls after her sister dies.  So, in her eyes, the girls are now hers.

And now, his unexpected return can turn their worlds upside down…again. Lee Ann believes that Cody deserted her and the girls, in addition to his betrayal. So what will his return do to her carefully constructed world? How will her daughters Kendra and Candy react to an unknown father? And how will she steel her heart against the power he has always held over her?

I enjoyed the story of romance, betrayal, reconnection and redemption that unfolded gradually, giving us a glimpse of each of the main characters while showing us the settings and the supporting cast of characters that layer the novel in realistic ways. Just as if the reader had stepped into the world they occupy.

Bringing the characters to life is always a wonderful gift an author can create for readers. Kim Law has certainly done that in her book. There was some predictability about how things turned out, and in some ways, the ending tied it all up in a pretty bow. Issues resolved. A bit too much so, but I did enjoy the story. Four stars.

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