I don’t often post on this site, unless it’s for a meme like Saturday Snapshots, or Book Beginnings.

But since the theme of this site is about sparking or igniting connections, I do think about those issues in terms of this blog…and want to spark a conversation, if you will.

Lately I’ve been bored with my photos, so I’ve “highlighted” a few of them, like the one above, or the one in the sidebar, hoping to spark my own interest in making changes.

It is never to late to change things up, is it?  Even if we don’t decide to add extensions or highlights to our hair, maybe we can make some interior changes.

Sometimes it’s enough for me to read a book that does something for me…makes me think, gives me pause, or even generates conversation.

The Girl in the Train (click for my review) recently did that for some bloggers, and it was fun to see how others reacted to a book with unreliable narrators and a suspenseful storyline.




Sheila, at Book Journey, had the opposite reactions from mine.  Sheila’s review takes us to another kind of place, and that’s what I love about book blogs.  We can generate conversation even more when we disagree about something.

Another book that sparked something within me, and also within some other bloggers, was The Wednesday Group, by Sylvia True. (Click for my review).  A great one for book clubs, I think.





Patty, at Books, Thoughts, and a Few Adventures, posted her review on Goodreads.  And earlier today, I read Mary’s thoughts at Book Fan.


Do you get excited, does something ignite within you, when you read a book or a blog post that sparks something within?  Does it make you want to speak up?  Shout, even?

That’s what I call igniting your connections!  What does it for you?






  1. Thanks for the shout out, Laurel. Books like The Wednesday Group make me wish I’d read it with a book group. Definitely a few issues to discuss with that one! I haven’t been moved to blog about book reviews that spark something in me but I think I might going forward.


    1. You are welcome, Mary. I do like talking about books that have really made me think about issues, and The Wednesday Group is definitely one of those. Thanks for sharing your thoughts…and also for stopping by today. Let’s spark the conversation when we feel the urge!


  2. Interesting post today, I can’t think of anything that excites me now days. I do love a good book, and of course good food always excites me, as long as someone else cooked it. What can I say, I guess i’m just to old to get excited about much anymore. (Smile) I hope that is a good thing…


    1. Ah, I’ll bet that’s not true, Gigi Ann…already I can see your interest perk up when you mentioned food, especially when someone else cooks it. I also love food when I am not doing the cooking. When my daughter invites me over, I love seeing and tasting what she has to offer. Even more than going to a restaurant, which I also enjoy.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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