Welcome to our regular feature, Saturday Snapshot, our opportunity to showcase photos we or friends and family have captured.  The event is now hosted by West Metro Mommy Reads.

Today’s feature will include some more photos from the Berliners’ visit…and a surprise at the end.

The General Grant Tree is huge…and kind of famous.  Luckily, in August, when the Berliners’ visited, all was well in the park.  Just a few weeks later, there were ongoing “rough fires” that took days to control.


Sequoia Park in August - Berliners


Here Gabi and Craig enjoyed hugging up against the General Sherman Tree.


Craig & Gabi with General Sherman


I love this setting:  a redwood center surrounded by big trees.


More Sequoia


Here’s my little surprise:  Fiona (Pheona on Facebook, LOL) loves to create cartoons of her and her boyfriend Tomas.  They are so cute and have a very similar and somewhat quirky sense of humor.


Tomas & Fiona playing...


That’s it for today!  The Berliners are back in Berlin…getting ready to find a new place in Prague.  What are you sharing today?



  1. Awesome tree – in New Zealand we have a massive Kauri about an hour or two’s drive from where I live called Tane Mahuta. Hope the Sherman Tree is surviving the fires!

    – Linking over from Saturday Snapshots


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