Today’s topic for this meme hosted by There’s a Book is a tricky one.  We’re supposed to share about our very special talent(s).

Some of us (me!) were brought up thinking it’s not “nice” to “toot your own horn.”  But then I grew up and joined the world of networking for my creations and realized that, if I didn’t, who would?

I do recall overhearing conversations about myself as a kid, like—”she’s got the ‘gift of gab.'”  I’m not sure this was a compliment (lol), but that was like my tagline.

In elementary school, I scribbled stories in my notebooks.  The kids listened when I read my stories to them.  In high school, I wrote for the newspaper staff (and tried to write my first ‘novel’).

In college, I majored in English for awhile, but then did what some might consider a 180 and veered off into something else (psychology), which, incidentally, was a great asset later when creating my characters.

After many years in the social work profession, writing only case notes and court reports, I finally wrote my first book.  Now I have five novels published.  Maybe you’ll take a look at them.

My Creations

So, I guess this has been my long story leading up to answering the question of WHAT IS MY SPECIAL TALENT?, which I believe is “creating.”

I hope you’ll stop by and share your own special gifts.  I’m looking forward to it.

6 thoughts on “A BIT OF ME (ME) — MY VERY BEST TALENT

  1. Writing and being published is a huge talent in my eyes. Before blogging and reviewing, I was just an ordinary avid read. But since, I have learned a little bit about publishing and what it takes to write a good book from some authors that I have had the pleasure of meeting. When I get caught up with my “tbr review pile”, I will definitely read your books ( I had planned to months ago when I first came upon your blog).


  2. Creating is a wonderful gift to have and very versatile. I also like that you have combined your creating with focus, you were able to write the books, get them published and do it again and again.


    1. Thanks, Gwen, you are so kind…My creating feels more like an obsession than anything else, and lately, blogging has taken up some of that passion.

      But I’m plugging away on another novel.


  3. I’d definitely say your talent has “paid” off for you. Not only through publishing your books, but also through your ability to share the details some people miss at first glance. Fabulous choice and congrats again on all of your books, I’m definitely going to have to pick one up soon!

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