Good morning, and welcome to our meeting place where we share bits and pieces of our lives aside from books and blogging.  Hosted by There’s A Book, we are prompted each week by a question.

Here’s today’s question:

Have you ever seen a Broadway musical? Do you like theater?
Well, I certainly would have loved going to a Broadway musical, but since I haven’t been to New York yet, I’d have to say no to that one.  However, I have seen musicals and plays in San Francisco and LA.  While I was still in high school, I saw a play called Sunrise at Campobella, about the late Franklin Roosevelt.
Then a few years later, I saw a musical production of Camelot, also in SF.  I was very impressed.
In LA, I saw a production of Annie, and bought an Annie doll afterwards for my daughter.  I liked it more than she did, and I still have it.
Annie Doll – Sitting Atop My Creations
Someday, I will definitely see a Broadway musical.  That one is on my wish list.
What about the rest of you?  Do you love musicals?  By the way, I have the soundtrack for the movie Mama Mia, and it makes me dance.

9 thoughts on “A BIT OF ME (ME) — THEATER — NOV. 6

  1. I’m worried I took this question differently than everyone else! To me, “Broadway” means all the shows, not the actual location, so in thinking of it that way, I’ve seen a ton, but only actually been to one in New York: Cats.


  2. Annie would be fantastic to see live! It’s one of those movies I adored when I was a little girl.

    I completely agree about the location! Though I’m so so happy to have been able to see one in NY, my experience in LA was just as good if not even better.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Danielle…I think the theater experience is magical.

      After I wrote this post, I thought of several other plays and musicals I’ve seen…one in LA starring Tony Curtis, which I was reminded of when he died (You Ought to Be in Pictures).

      Then in Sacramento, we had something called the Music Circus (theater in the round) and I saw Man of La Mancha.

      Shakespearean theater in Ashland, Oregon…amazing!



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