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In the beginning of Creative Spirit, we are introduced to the history of Korban Manor…and to the domineering owner of the house and grounds.

Then we are thrust into the future as several artists gather to the present-day manor, kept in its historic condition as directed by Korban’s will.

As the artists converge on the manor for their retreat, we catch a glimpse of what each of them hopes to achieve in this six-week stay at the old estate. Mason hopes to sculpture something noteworthy, to set his career on an upward path and to make his mother proud; Spence is hoping to jumpstart his languishing writing career; and Roth hopes to capture wonderful photos for a documentary.

Others are also there for similar reasons. But lurking in the background and ever-present throughout the story are others whose presence seems nebulous, questionable, and surreal.

And let’s not forget Anna, terminally ill, and in search of a spiritual connection.

At first, I could connect with the characters and even the spiritual entities, feeling empathy for each. But as events progressed, and as the twisted plot left my heart pounding with fear, I had to set it aside…just so I could sleep!

When I finished it the next morning, I was quite glad for it to be over. Nicholson is a talented writer and his characterizations felt real and three-dimensional, even the ghosts. But I knew going in, and nothing has changed my mind: this kind of horror tale is not my cup of tea. Nevertheless, I’m awarding four stars for the way the author pulled it all together, and kept me guessing until the end.



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