Sparks are flying around the blogosphere again today, as we join in with Alyce, At Home With Books, to showcase our Saturday Snapshots.

This week, I sifted through some more photos and found another theme that sparked my interest.

These shots showcase a story about a house.  Back in the late 1960s, we bought a new house that needed landscaping, etc.

Here are some photos of the beginning stages, including a shot of my oldest son, the “helper,” in the foreground.

And here’s a glimpse after the lawn and tree have been planted.

And now, skip ahead a little more than twenty years later.  We, of course, no longer owned the house, but my kids always enjoyed driving by the houses where we once lived.  We almost didn’t recognize this one, so I had to snap a photo.

And so now you’ve seen this true “Before and After” scenario.

I love that tree and its growth!

Now…what stories are the rest of you sharing today?  I can’t wait to see!



    1. I love it, Staci…I’m really a big fan of trees, and Sacramento, where I lived at that time, had some great tree-lined streets and neighborhoods.

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend.


    1. Nise, I was amazed at how big the little tree grew…and wished I could peek into the backyard, because there were great plantings there, and the yard swept up into a hill in back. We had wonderful brick work on the patio, too, similar to what you see on the driveway in these shots.

      But we thought it would be presumptuous to ask the owners if we could take a tour…lol

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend…and feel better!


    1. Yes, that is one of the Picnik features that usually cost something, but now that they’re closing down in April, we can use all the features. And you’re right…it does look just like the photo edges from the old albums.

      Thanks for stopping by, Paulita, and enjoy your weekend.


    1. Yes, that was my ex’s classic 1957 Chevrolet…not that old at the time of this shot, which was 1967.

      When we split, I kept that car for awhile.

      Thanks for stopping by, Lisa, and enjoy your weekend.


    1. I couldn’t believe it either, Kathy. When we drove by, we totally missed it at first, since we didn’t recognize the house shrouded by that tree.

      If I didn’t know the house number, I probably wouldn’t have found it!

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend.


    1. Me too, Sheila…I am a real tree lover…and Sacramento has some beauties. This newer neighborhood (1960s as opposed to the ones from early twentieth century) had none when we moved in.

      Except for a few houses that were built around existing trees and with a creek running through. I loved those houses!

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your calm, quiet weekend.


    1. I drove that car for awhile, Lisa; when we separated, I got that one, while he got the boring Pontiac (newer). I think I got the better deal! lol

      Yes, that car is a classic now.

      Thanks for stopping by, Lisa, and have a great weekend.


  1. Nice! Everything really came together well with the positioning of the tree and its growth. In the Caribbean we love flamboyants but they have very strong roots that will break up pavement and force their way into cisterns so we’ve got to be sure we have enough space for them.


  2. The first thing I noticed was that classic car in the driveway. The tree was so tiny I missed the poor little thing. Then I saw the tree in the next photo and thought wow, where did that come from!

    I have a tiny elm tree that size that I put in last year to replace a tree that died. Unfortunately for me it will take 50 years to get full grown but the next owners should be able to enjoy it… just like your little tree!


    1. Since that last photo was taken in 1990, I’m curious as to what it looks like now. I hope they haven’t chopped it down!

      Sometimes visiting former houses can be disappointing. Like today my granddaughter and I visited the house in the foothills where I lived for thirteen years, and which I sold five years ago.

      It is abandoned. Foreclosure. So sad.

      Thanks for visiting, Leslie, and have a great weekend.


  3. I love the before and after. The tree is amazing now, and it doesn’t look like the same house:) I took a ride by the house we built and I sold in 1997, and they took out my favorite trees dogwood and white birch cluster in front…..sigh…they had been special to me as my mom gave me $$ to plant them when she knew she was dying in 1987, so for me that was sad to see them gone.


    1. Oh, visiting former houses can be very disappointing…in this one, I think they changed up the color, and not in a good way. But I love the tree.

      Thanks for visiting, Diane, and too bad about your favorite trees.


    1. Thanks for visiting, Susan…I now feel quite nostalgic. Took a trip out to the foothills today to visit another former house, but forgot the camera. It’s now abandoned (foreclosure), but some people were looking at it and seemed excited about it. The price is a lot lower than what I got for it five years ago.

      I think it’s a short sale.

      So now I’m wondering what happened to this house in the photos above, which I haven’t seen since 1990.


  4. Isn’t it strange how much something simple like paint can change how something looks?

    When we bought the house we’re living in now, the previous owner had just planted two trees between the house and road. Now they are huge like the one in your photo!!


  5. What a lovely house. I love seeing the mature tree. I can see why your kids would get a kick out of seeing it now. Thanks for sharing these, Laurel.


    1. While they were growing up, we lived in lots of places. Touring to see them is like an adventure.

      I love seeing the growth of the tree, too, Mary. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend.


  6. Oh I DO want that car in the driveway! It would be worth a small fortune today!
    I was born in ’63, so I would have been about the same age as the little man — “the helper” in the foreground there. Back then, though, I don’t think I did much landscaping at all.


    1. Oh, I know….sigh. I sold it and bought something boring…lol

      “Little man” is now 6’5″ tall…and it’s hard to picture him as the toddler. As for “helping,” I’m sure he stirred things up more than anything else.

      Thanks for stopping by, Cipriano…


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