Welcome to another creative opportunity to showcase photos, via our weekly Saturday Snapshot event, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.

Today I’m enjoying some family shots again.  First, a couple of photos of Fiona:  one of her in a poster, and one of her showing her enthusiasm.

Next is a photo of the three grandkids from LA enjoying a trip to the Big Bear Cabin with some cousins (Circa 2005).

fiona poster

fiona enthused


Three A's at Big Bear with cousins framed

And now for some room rearranging:  my bedroom.


In order to move the desk over to the corner and leave more room to work, I had to move a table out of the bedroom to the living room.


And the drop leaf table that was in the spot above is now in the bedroom below.


And below is my bedroom space for Louisa May (my laptop).


Now I’m eager to see your snapshots for the day!

32 thoughts on “CREATIVE SPARKS: FAMILY & HOME — DEC. 22

    1. Thanks, Staci; the kids are my favorite “things,” too. And the desk has been in every room in this house at one time or another, with my constant rearranging. I love it in it’s present location, as I can work on Louisa May and then curl up in bed again…lol.


    1. Thanks, Kaye….I didn’t realize that I could extend the writing/work surface of the desk (I’ve only had it for five years or so! ha), and then I realized there’s a tray that slides out.

      The grandkids are my treasures….


    1. Oh, ha-ha! That is definitely a possible downside, Leslie. I try to always leave a light on in each room, though, just to guard against that very thing.

      Thanks for stopping by…and I love Fiona’s poster effect, too.


    1. Thanks, Nise…I do enjoy finding quirky things, and that one I discovered in a shop called Krafters’ Palace, home to somewhat old collectibles. That table is actually very heavy, as I find out whenever I move it…lol. But I like that it doesn’t tip over, either. When it was in my bedroom, it had dolls on it.


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