Welcome to our regular feature, Saturday Snapshot, our opportunity to showcase photos we or friends and family have captured.  The event is now hosted by West Metro Mommy.

This week’s spotlight is on family and creations….again.  But with a different perspective.  The first two shots were part of larger photos that I cropped, to remove the bridal couples from wedding shots created by my photographer son, who now lives in Berlin.  These photos showcase places in Prague.

Prague by Craig

A View from a Rooftop
A View from a Rooftop

The next image is of my oldest grandson Alec, against an ocean backdrop.

Alec - contemplation

And finally…another generation:  little Maddix, shown on the right in the picture below, is one of my two step-grandchildren, who now lives in South Dakota.  His nana and his aunt (my granddaughter Fiona) will be visiting him this week.  Here he is trying his hand at fishing with a friend.

Maddix on right


    1. Yes, I feel as though I’m experiencing these places through my son’s photos….and the architecture is one of the reasons my son went to Prague and stayed there for more than a decade. Living in Berlin now, he still goes to Prague to do shoots.

      And the eldest grandson, Alec…he is definitely handsome, IMO. And he’s turning eighteen next month. Hard to believe, since he was born just the other day…lol.

      My step-great grandson looks just like his father did when I met him, all those years ago. Thanks for visiting, Margaret.


    1. Thanks, Nise…I may have a hard time experiencing these places in person, as I don’t like to fly…and the lengthy trip is a deal-breaker! But maybe I’ll get over that….

      So I enjoy it all vicariously for now.


    1. I always love the photos of Prague, too; they are often backdrops for wedding shots, which is why I decided to share them after cropping out the wedding couples.

      And I always enjoy my family shots….thanks for visiting, Arti.


    1. I always adore shots of kids involved in special activities….they usually show their best selves in the midst of something fun they are doing.

      Thanks for stopping by, Fran….enjoy your weekend.


  1. The photos of Prague are beautiful! It seems like I’ve read so many stories lately that include Prague in some way. Your grandsons are gorgeous! Maddix looks like he’s having lots of fun!


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