Welcome to another creative opportunity to showcase photos, via our weekly Saturday Snapshot event, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.

Now that fall is upon us, we have some of my favorite holidays ahead.  Today I’m spotlighting Halloween, with some of my decorations that come out every year.  And a few Halloween costumes past and present.

Here are some of my spooky house critters:

Fairytale Dragon with pumpkins and pilgrims
Concocting a witchy brew
Mickey in a spooky place with a pumpkin nearby
Fiona looking ferocious — a couple of years ago
Heather – costumed for a Halloween party a few years ago
European style Halloween – Gabi has a witchy friend

And now I am in a festive mood….

What are the rest of you showing today?  I’m coming right over!


  1. You Americans make more of Hallowe’en than we do, but it’s has got very popular here now. Best thing about it is that it’s the only time most of our shops sell pumpkins, and I adore pumpkin, especially turned into soup, or roasted, or in rissotto… this year I’m looking for a recipe so I can try pumpkin pie. My Snapshot is at


    1. Thanks, Heather…I do love the colors of Halloween (and Thanksgiving); I bought these fairytale images, along with many others, awhile ago, but they come out every year. The kids enjoy choosing something unique every year. Glad you could stop by.


    1. Thanks, Alyce…I got most of this stuff at a little shop around the corner called Country Clutter (later renamed Apricot Lane); sadly, the shop closed down about three years ago. Which is better for my budget…lol


  2. Your decorations are great! When our son was living at home I always dragged out the decorations on October 1 so we would have the whole month to enjoy them. One of my fondest memories is making tombstones out of cereal boxes. We would paint them great and write silly epitaphs on them like they do at the Disney Haunted Mansion. “Here lies Fred. he’s dead.”


    1. You’re right…they are Boyds. I have lots of Boyds collectibles, from the plush and resin objects to dolls. I started obsessively collecting them around 2000 or so; haven’t bought anything in a long time, though. My favorite shop for these goodies closed down three years ago. Thanks for visiting, Bev.


    1. I do enjoy it, Cheryl. Some “live” in the hall closet between their “coming out” moments, while others are kept in bins in the garage. It’s like opening a gift to bring them out. Thanks for visiting.


  3. Adorable decorations and great costumes! i love Halloween and Christmas but as my kids got older I did less decorating. Now that we have grandchildren it’s fun again! I really need to get the rest of my stuff out – I’m so lazy! You’ve inspired me and I’m going to do that tomorrow. Love your photos!


    1. Thanks, Wrighty….and mine take very little effort; just pulling them out of the closet and arranging them. I don’t do any pumpkin carving, as the grandkids get that at their homes.

      Glad you could stop by….


    1. Yes, I do try to do the alliteration thing now and then, lol. These decorations all came after the kids were grown up and when the grandkids were coming around. Thanks for visiting, Paulita, and enjoy your holidays.


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